Meet   Lauren

Documenter of human connection

There are few things in life that aren't worth celebrating.. that's my view at least. Each day is a blessing and a dang good day to smile. I feel so called to pursue this passion of mine and thank the Lord that He gave me the gift of visual storytelling. 

I am a doer at heart and don't stop until it's done, ESPECIALLY when it comes to meeting my clients needs - as the cool kids say, I'm a 2w3. 

I go to great lengths to serve (quite literally will hike however far I must) and take soooo much pleasure in making my clients photo dreams come true!

I'm a gal down for anything, whether that means a 3am wakeup call for a sunrise elopement or traveling near and far for you big celebration, I got you. 

Life isn't meant to be lived in a way in which you're confined to the "norm" and have to do what everyone else is doing. I believe that a celebration of your love should be done in a way that represents WHO. YOU. ARE. So ask yourself, who are you two when you're together? What puts that light in your eyes?

I wanna hear alllll about it!

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things i dig

Discounted throw pillows at Target

Our adorable <200sq ft tiny home

Shopping just to smell the fall candles


Double stuff Oreos (call me crazy, but the cookie taste different on the normal ones)

Gilmore Girls. And c'mon, Luke, right? 

Cats. Cats. Cats.

A good Chai or iced latte

Worshipping my lungs out on long drives

Decorating and redecorating my little home

Pinning fall/Christmas decor in the dead of Summer

Catching feelings for things real quick. That's how I snagged my husband ;)

Spending the mornings on my porch and listening to nature speak

Spontaneously booking flights across the globe

Ya  wanna  tag  along ?