Elopement in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

     About three weeks prior to David and Kelseys elopement, we met up at her dads restaurant in our hometown. We sat for over 2 hours talking over pita and bean dip (YUM) about her dream elopement, planning and pinteresting every beautiful Colorado mountain... and lemme tell ya, there are a lot! Seriously, Colorado is one of the most stunning, breathtaking places and it's right here in our backyard (aka the USA lol). She talked about every good thing David was made of, including his killer golf skills, caring heart, and humble personality. Although she never spoke of herself, I can tell you firsthand, this girl is one of the most joyful heartfelt people I have ever met! 

     When we finally decided.. THIS WAS HAPPENING... Kelsey booked the flights and we were off in a matter of weeks! Over the course of 5 days or so, I was blessed to stay with my aunt who lives near Boulder and spend loads of time with my family. On October 8th we set off for the perfect location for photos! Stumbling across a few spots, we found the most brilliant yellows I've ever seen! Lawdddd! 

     All in all you guys, I'm moving to Colorado. Not really, but I'd sure as heck love it. However, I'm allll for Colorado weddings and elopements and am more than down to help you make your dream happen, too!

Enjoy :)