Grand Teton National Park wedding in Jackson Wyoming - The Peaces

Covid sucks. 2020 has been rough. And pretty much nothing has gone as planned.. I think we can all come to a consensus on that, can't we?

Dylan and Courtney had to majorlyyyy cut down the size of their wedding, which was originally planned to be an elegant wedding at the Hartwood Acres Mansion in Pittsburgh. They could have complained about it, cried to their mommas, and settled for a wedding plan that didn't feel true to themselves or their relationship. I feel pain in my heart to know that so many couples had to go that route! These two though, they're different. They are adventurous travelers and knew that they wanted to build their *new* big day in a way that reflected themselves - a true destination wedding in the mountains.

And that is the long story short of how we ended up here.. Here with a visual story of how their wedding day went down in Jackson, Wyoming.

It was beautiful. There was laughter. There were happy tears. And all around, there was a whole lot of love from the people they hold nearest.

Ceremony site: T. A.Moulton Barn at Mormon Row

Portraits: Grand Teton National Park

Reception: Il Villaggio Osteria

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